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The budget has been prepared provided that the original websites still remain completely available during the transition period until the end of 2013. At the end of 2013 the server hosting the German and Italian branches as well as the shared file repository will be put out of service. The data such as XML and image files will be backed up.

The association expects a 2013 revenue of at least € 1000.00. Of this, approximately € 250.00 came from payment of contributions, about € 750.00 from donations.

The following expenditures are planned for 2013:

  • Old server: € 650.00
  • New server: € 650.00
  • Account management: € 190.00

This results in the sum of € 1490.00. The planned expenditures exceed the revenue by € 490.00. This additional requirement can be almost entirely paid out of the reserves of the recent years.

Financial accounting for the fiscal year of 2012

The revenue for 2012 amounted to € 3042.32, expenditures to € 3366.72. The exclusive expenditures for the server and the account management amounted to € 1087.10. Two association members lent temporarily ex interest € 700.00 to the association. The money was repaid in the same year. From the previous fiscal year € 757.69 originate. So, € 433.29 were transferred into 2013.

As in recent years the main part of the revenue are from donations (€ 1,000.00). Further revenues were payment of member contributions (€ 262,50), the re-payment of the acquisition of the domain wikivoyage.com by the Wikimedia Foundation (€ 900.00) and the compensation of a false entry (€ 179.82). In addition to the server operation (€ 900.10) and the account management fees (€ 187.00) expenditures arose from the translation of the by-laws into English (€ 499.80 Euro), a false entry (€ 179.82) and the purchase of the domain wikivoyage.com on behalf of the Wikimedia Foundation (€ 900.00).

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