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How to join and support Wikivoyage

The Wikivoyage Association, named Wikivoyage e. V. in German, is both an internationally acting Germany based non-profit founded in 2006 and a Wikimedia User Group. It supports the Wikivoyage wiki in various ways including promotion, fund raising, and technical development.

Association’s purpose

Our main purpose was and will never be changed: with the Wikivoyage wiki we are compiling, collecting and spreading free information to promoting education and knowledge of all countries and regions in the world as well as understanding among nations. But our scope changed: In the past we mainly run the servers to host both the Wikivoyage project and related tools.

Our current tasks are:

  • Recruiting new readers and authors: Raising awareness of the Wikivoyage project to attract more readers and active community members. This can be done for instance by press relations, advertisement and the organization of social events like meetings.
  • Community support: Supporting volunteer editors to let them contribute more easily and effectively.
  • Spreading content: Supporting different ways of the making content available both in online and offline media.
  • Communication: Transfer of information and discussions between the travel community, the Wikimedia communities, the association, the Wikimedia Foundation and its local chapters.
  • Software development: Supporting the development and hosting of MediaWiki features to accommodate the specific needs of a travel community.

How to support the association

You can support us in different ways: by an association membership or as a supporter. Of course, membership is not required for participation in Wikivoyage but we warmly invite you to join.

Association members

  • can strengthen the associations influence in the collaboration within the Wikimedia movement and to other organizations simply by number,
  • give financial support to the association to fulfill its aims,
  • can co-decide further development of the association, the association’s budget and the support of travel-related projects.


  • are no associations members but give support to the association’s aims by self-organizing and self-performing travel-related projects. Funding by the association is possible.
  • will be listed in the associations’ annals.

How to become a member

It is easy: Made an application to become a member. Application forms are available on the Web in English, German and Italian. Paying membership fees and donating is possible by bank tranfer or via direct debit authorisation (German residency only). International payment with PayPal is established, too.

The completed application forms should be sent to the board via post or email:

Roland Unger
Victor-Klemperer-Str. 18
06118 Halle (Saale)

It is not expensive: 25 €, about 30 USD, annually. A reduced fee can be granted on request for persons with limited financial capacity (for instance pupils, students, unemployed persons, welfare recipients, volunteers in the social and environmental sectors, federal volunteers and retirees).

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